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Updating of the photo gallery.

02/12/2012 |
I updated the photo gallery, and appeared to mess up the album data. I lost titles, the order they appeared, comments, and who knows what else. The images are the same since about Feb 1. Just thought I would give a heads up.

Steve & Heidi

04/05/2011 |

I think that most people here know Steve. His lovely girlfriend is Heidi, and I had to opportunity to take their photographs just a little while ago. They are also posted on CWP.

Stylized Valentines Portraits

03/09/2011 |

I took some portraits of the girls around Valentines day. It's so hard to get them to pose. Better if you tell them you want pictures of them looking like fairies. They were posted on CWP.

Christmas Portraits

12/13/2010 |

I decided to take some Christmas Portraits of the girls in my living room. Only thing is, you can't tell it wasn't in a studio. Posted on Christopher Ward Photography.

Thanksgiving Portraits

11/09/2010 |

Back at Thanksgiving I took some pictures that ended up on a CWP post. There are some of Joe's kids in a collage, and some of Kate. See here.